What is Reiki?

  • Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes natural healing.


  • This powerful technique requires zero physical contact. The healing process is derived from channeling the “life force energy” that flows through a person. This energy is what keeps us alive, and when its low we feel run-down and potentially sick. Reiki channels this energy into a high and healthy state.


  • Reiki is a complete mind and body experience that results in a balance between the two factors. The results include peace and relaxation of the mind, as well as a heightened immune system. It’s simple and natural, and most importantly it works.                


Who Practices Reiki? 

Everyone can practice Reiki! The University of Minnesota focuses on three general groups:


  • The general public practice Reiki in their homes for themselves, family and friends. This means anyone can use it!


  • Reiki professionals who practice in an office or wellness centers.


  • Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals use Reiki in their patient’s visits, along with their standard treatment.​​



What are the benefits of Reiki?

After a Reiki session, many report feeling physically and mentally relaxed.


  • The International Center for Reiki Training explains that after a session filled with letting go of negative emotions, fear, or anxiety, the participant leaves feeling surrounded by a glowing radiance.



  • Helps maintain a state of physical and emotional balance.



  • Reiki can help improve your body’s natural healing capability. This leads to speedier recovery from surgeries or illness.



  • A goal of Reiki is to bring relief to negative emotions. This freeness from negative emotion allows the participant to find inner peace and harmony.



  • People experience a new found balance between the mind and emotions.


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What happens in a Reiki workshop?


A Reiki workshop consists of a specialist hovering their hands closely over the participant’s body.

  • The International Center for Reiki Training explains that each Reiki session can be tailored to the individual. Different hand positions can be practiced and held depending on what the participant needs. These sessions can range from 45-90 minutes.


  • This process can be done while fully clothed and laying down on a Reiki table, or simply sitting in a chair or standing.​​​

  • The first Reiki workshop is free and the team will also provide refreshments for the staff and participants.

  • The team will adjust how the Reiki is done based on your facility and the space available, as well as will bring all of the necessary supplies.

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