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The Wellness Team of Vermont is led by Reiki Master, Brian Salmanson. A group of wonderful and dedicated volunteers has joined him to help bring wellness practices to the community. 


Brian Salmanson has developed The Wellness Team of Vermont over the last 15 years, in which he learned the ancient technique of Surya Meditation at The Center of Rational Spirituality.  He is a disciple of the world famous Spiritual Master, Michael Mamas. “The Surya Meditation” imposes nothing. Instead, it naturally promotes your spiritual growth and fosters a healthy life.  By resting into the source of your being, deep-seated stresses in your mind and body are released. Brian has degrees in Transformational Healing, Massage Therapy, and is a Reiki Master, having studied at the International School for Body Works and John Harvey Grey Institute of Reiki.

The Meditation For Your Life that Brian teaches, is very easy to learn and easy to practice.  The key is that meditation happens naturally and is a state of being, no different than being in a state of sleep. He merely teaches you how to allow this to happen.

The Meditation For Your Life program discusses how one can have a healthier relationship and grow as an individual.


Brian has studied numerous modalities such as reiki, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, neuromuscular massage, tui nai massage, passive joint movement, cranial sacral therapy, and Surya hands-on healing. Some conditions that these modalities are good for are sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional issues. 


Brian has been teaching meditation at the facilities of Spring Lake Ranch and has achieved a loyal following over the last year. He has helped the members of his class transition to their own private meditation practices which has benefited them in a healthy attitude and spirit.

Brian Salmanson

CEO | Reiki & Meditation Master

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Rosemary Warner

Reiki Level I, II, II & Reiki Master

 Hi!  My name is Rosey Warner.  I was attuned to the Reiki energy about twenty years ago.  It had come about from my panic and anxiety attacks I was experiencing for years.  Having tried many options, I decided to keep an open mind and have a Reiki session.  Having Reiki brought me the relief I had searched for a very long time. I was so at peace for a couple days that I decided to take classes so I could do the healing on myself and when I felt comfortable,  to share and help others.


What I have come to realize is that Reiki is the energy of Unconditional Love.  Reiki Healing is not always what I expect it to be, but however, what is needed for my healing and others at the time. The healing and guidance could come not just on a physical level, but on a mental, emotional,  and spiritual level, too. Whatever is most needed at the time that serves your highest and best good.


It has been an amazing journey working with Reiki Healing energy and it just keeps getting better all the time!


Edna LaPerle

Reiki Level I & II

My Reiki journey started just a few years ago when I went to an angel reading and was told I was a healer, and I needed to be doing something with my hands.  I instantly knew what I needed to do, so I researched and sought out a Reiki master that spoke to me.


I was always curious about energy healing and had often wanted to experience it.  That experience literally changed my life - and I learned, and continue to learn the impact of energy and how it helps heal and nurture - to help balance ourselves, and release what no longer serves us.  I'm so grateful for this path, and have completed my Reiki I and II and will take the master class in the spring.  I currently do self Reiki, service my friends, family, and of course my animals, but would be honored to walk others through this beautiful transformation of personal healing.


Michelle Field

Reiki Level I & II

Hi, my name is Michelle Field, I am a Reiki practitioner. I am also earning my certification in pressure point reiki, for anxiety and depression. I am the owner and operator of Cutting Edge Salon. I have been a hairstylist for 24 years and have owned my own business for 18. I began Reiki 5 years ago, as an alternative treatment for anxiety, pain, stress reduction and relaxation. A Reiki treatment can feel like a wonderful warm glowing energy that flows around and within you. In my experience clients have felt an overwhelming feeling of peace, relaxation and well being. As an intuitive, combining Reiki with this special gift has proven very beneficial in promoting self-improvement and spiritual healing. I look forward to working with you and other Reiki practitioners


Moonshine Shorey

Reiki Level II

Moonshine Shorey is a native Vermonter, Artist, and Practitioner of Reiki and Massage. Moonshine has traveled the world doing large scale Art installations, music and spreading the gospel of Reiki and Homeopathic Wellness. Moonshine believes that nature provides us with bountiful energy and resources to get balanced, refreshed and restored. Moonshine got his Reiki training at the Pyramid Holistic Massage School under Bill Kelley.

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