What is Meditation?


Meditation is a mental exercise of regulating attention.


The practice is all about your personal experience, so what you focus on is your decision.

  • The first option is to focus on a singular object that is either external or internal.

  • The second choice is to place your focus on your experience in the present moment of meditation without setting your mind on anything in particular.


Meditation Best Practices


Meditation can be done individually but is frequently practiced in groups. It is most beneficial to:

  • Sit down for your meditation in a preferably indoor space that is quiet and without distractions such as pets or television.

  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel and think about anything. Whatever you experience during meditation is valid.

  • Stillness is not essential. Feel free to move around so you are comfortable during your experience.


The intent of meditation is to finish with a renewed sense of emotional calm and mental clarity. When practiced twice a day at twenty minutes per session the results are at their most beneficial, but remember that any amount of meditation is helpful!


What are the benefits of Meditation?


Meditation has numerous physical health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, speeding up your body’s healing process, and helping you sleep.

  • Creativity and happiness increase

  • Intuition develops

  • Mentally, meditation has excellent benefits. It can help you gain mental clarity and peace of mind. Meditation can help reduce anxiety and improve overall emotional stability.

  • Amy Leigh Mercree reports that in her book “A Little Bit of Meditation: An Introduction to Mindfulness” a 2014 study proved that meditation increases the gray matter of the brain which helps the brain protect itself from injury or adapt to new environments.

  • Mercree explains that different types of meditation can target different parts of the brain to help handle certain situations in a universally calm manner.

  • Mercree notes that although meditation will not cure serious illnesses, it is a useful tool in training your mind and body to deal with pain.

  • Mercree also finds that meditation can help preserve white matter in the brain, which leads to decreased health issues related to aging.

  • NCCIH reports that meditation is a more cost-effective option for treating chronic back pain

  • In a 2012 review, 25 out of 36 groups reported better management of their anxiety than those groups who did not receive the meditation.

  • Meditation can help combat cigarette addiction. A 2013 brain imaging study revealed that after 5 hours of meditation over a two-week span, participants greatly reduced their smoking. After the meditation, it was also found that there was increased activity in brain areas associated with craving.



Where Are Free Meditation Classes?


The Wellness Team of Vermont is constantly expanding our locations and class schedule. If you live in Rutland, Vermont you can meditate at the Godnick Center every Thursday at eleven and Friday at four at the Godnick Center.


All of our classes are listed on our Facebook Events or our Google Calendar. Like our page and you will be able to keep track of all of the updated class schedule as well as learn some great techniques that will help you daily.

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One-On-One Sessions

with Brian


What Happens in a One-On-One Session?


We understand not everyone has the same needs. Brian will meet with you and create a custom plan that will help you maximize the benefits of meditation.


Brian has also purchased some wonderful books on meditation that you will receive free of charge for attending a session. 

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What Happens in a Meditation Workshop?


The Wellness Team of Vermont is flexible and adjust their meditation to whatever your organization can provide for a workshop space.


  • The first two meditation workshops are free and the team will provide refreshments for the staff and participants.

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Corporate Meditation Workshops