Using holistic healing methods, we help people find mindfulness &

live a healthier lifestyle.

Our Mission

The Wellness Team of Vermont is dedicated to sharing the power of Meditation & Reiki to our local community. Brian Salmanson and the team of 12 specialists are here to help you develop a healthier relationship between your mind and body.  Our team is confident that open-minded participants in their guided classes will have an enhanced feeling of physical and mental wellness.

Holistic Healing Helps The

Mind, Body, & Soul

The Wellness Team Is Here For You

Online Video Series

Coming Soon! You will be able to learn about Reiki and Meditation with monthly videos hosted by Brian and members of the Wellness Team of Vermont. 

Elevate Your Wellness Knowledge

Each month there is a featured book on meditation practices that will be given out for free while attending class.

Brian and his team will adjust the workshop to fit your organization's space and needs. 

There are two weekly meditation classes held at the Godnick Adult Center every Thursday at  11am &

Friday  at 4pm.

See What People Are Saying

Scott T. 

I've been attending meditation classes with Brian for the last six months. Thanks to him I'm sleeping better!

Josh W.

At the end of my first meditation class I felt the benefits immediately. Brian has been a huge help mentally and physically.

Robert S.

Meditation has been a crucial part of my recovery with anxiety. I am grateful for Brian's calm and soothing manner.

Attend the Classes, Leave Rewarded

After attending your fifth class, you will receive a $50 gift card to the movies or spa. If you attend a one-on-one Personal Growth Session you will receive the book of the month.